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I'm based in the Syracuse area, and my handyman services include full replacements, small repairs, installations, Remodeling, decorating, and more. A small local company that knows how to tackle any home project. I offer high quality Workmanship, for a fair and reasonable price. At Rocktastic, I am able to take care of all of your property’s needs as I believe that no job is too small. I supply an honest, exclusive service that you can truly be proud of. If you'd like to discuss more, give me a call on (315) 466-1740.

Driveways, Patios, and Gardens

First impressions count for a lot when selling a property, but often get overlooked by sellers once the inside of the house has been refurbished. Don’t put your house on the market until chatting with me about how to improve that all-important first impression for your potential buyers. Like any reputable landscaping business, I offer a wide range of services at a variety of different price points – the best way to tell what needs to be done is to contact me For a free consultation, and free estimate.

Professional Handyman

Forget what you’ve seen elsewhere. I'm a professional handyman that will never perform unnecessary work for you. That’s a promise I intend to keep. I am determined and passionate for the job at hand and will not stop until you’re happy. I respond quickly to the problem and then adapt my strategy for each and every client. I can handle anything, from a leaky bathrooms sink, patching a roof, instaling a new door or window, and so much more; I want you to love your home, and I believe you will.


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19 February 2021

19 February


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